About Ward Rounds

What is Ward Rounds?

Ward rounds are an established, but sometimes fragmented, core activity of inpatient care during which decisions are made and tasks allocated that aid the daily running of wards. They require a well-organised multidisciplinary team to take part in the rounds, and nurses play an essential role in their smooth running.

A ward round is an essential organisational process providing a link between patients’ admission to hospital and their discharge or transfer elsewhere. In the absence of ward rounds there would be inertia in the patient flow, particularly for unplanned (emergency) activity for which the preplanning of care is not always possible

Types of Ward Rounds

  • 1. Teaching Round
  • 2. Traditional Ward Round
  • 3. Working Round

Effective Team Working

Responsibilities of a Doctor

Leading the round, provides and update on current problem, responses to treatment, test results, medications, clinical examination and review of patients and drug chart etc. Also anticipated discharge planning and follow up arrangements.

Responsibilities of a Nurse

Providing updates on vital sign, paincontrol, nutrition, hydration,elimination, neurological assessment,quality and safety checks on urinarycatheter, IV lines, pressure ulcers, falls,infection control etc.

Responsibilities of a Patient and an Admin

Providing updates on current concerns, arrangement for discharge.